February 28, 2015


The Verdant Gryphon is an independent textile & dyeworks company, developing fine yarns, creating extraordinary color palettes, and designing unique knitwear.

The Essential Form of Yarn

Since the Eidos base yarn was created eight years ago, its name and concept has thrilled knitters with a background in Greek philosophy. All five of them. 

And the rest of you have been have been saying, "What's an Eidos?" It seems you are long overdue for an explanation behind our inspiration.

Drawing from The Verdant Gryphon's love of philosophy and mythology, the Eidos brand is our tribute to Plato, and it refers to his theory of forms - the essence of things. Eidos fingering weight yarn was developed by The Verdant Gryphon with a unique fiber structure and form. At its essence, Eidos is the perfect yarn for intricate colorwork designs, but also has the versatility for everything from socks to shawls to sweaters. 

When Gryphon was dyeing in the backyard, we named colorways after Socrates' buddies. Eventually as we created more colors and moved into The Verdant Gryphon studio, we expanded to Greek mythology and then mythology in general. 

Ancient Greek art, particularly vase paintings, continues to influence the aesthetic of our designs and colors.  

Our knitwear patterns like the Theseus and the Minotaur socks above, continue the tradition of classic story telling through visual design.

Our beloved and mythical Gryphon has even adorned her body with the beauty of Greek mythology and vase painting. Below left, an illustration of the Illiad, which tells the story of the Trojan War. Someday it will be worked into a knitting pattern.

The arm band to the right, shown next to the original 5th century vase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, depicts fiber artists - weavers, spinners, and dyers. 

 You probably know our most popular Eidos design, the Hwaet socks, which feature the first page of text in Anglo Saxon from the 1000 AD manuscript of the Beowulf poem.

Here's another wonderful adaptation (made in Eidos) using the Hwaet sock chart, by Raveler Empatheyes:

How about some more Eidos eye-candy from Ravelry? Because quite apart from the myths and philosophers, this sturdy superwash merino yarn has been turned into some amazing projects.

Myrtle Cardigan, knit by Sylphette:

Socks Rick, knit by Pinneguri:

Dragon Hat, by GoldenApple (look, a dragon! and it's made for a kid named Griffin!)

Want to see more in person?
For the month of March, you can visit the gallery of 20 Eidos Gradient Colorways, which are exclusively on loan to The Yarn Company as part of The Verdant Gryphon Crib. The color spectrum of fiber art can be viewed or bought in person and online for the feature price of $19. Yarnistas start your collection now.


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