December 11, 2014


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Knitted Clouds

Oh, Odyssey! I'm so crazy about you. 

Ordinarily I gravitate towards finer yarns, but as the weather gets chillier and I seem to have less and less knitting time, big, soft, warm yarn that works up crazy fast is pretty appealing. But what really gets me with this base is the way it takes colour. You can actually make out different tones within a single twist. Kinda crazy. 

(Image shows Bumper Cars and Log Flume, both appearing in Monday's update.)

So I've been perusing Ravelry for some scrumptious Odyssey knitting ideas, especially of smaller projects that could be whipped up quickly for gifts this time of year, and want to share some of my favourites:

Wizzo cowl. You should really go look at the pattern page on this one. It's sort of a puzzle thing that folds and buttons a bunch of different ways. Super cool.

Hemlock Shade Boot Topper. I've never worn boot toppers, but they're really cute and I might need to.

Moura Headband. Pretty headband, free pattern, what's not to love?


Dirghagama Baby Cardigan. I'm already trying to think whom I know who's expecting...

Owl Wrist Warmers. When I was a kid my mother collected owls and so I have always loved them. I'll knit just about anything with an owl on it.

Chouette. And an owl on a little kid's head? I could die from the cuteness.

Chickadee Cowl. Because linen stitch in variegated colours rocks. Another freebie.

Kwiki Slippers. Wait, I could have cloud-yarn slippers in two hours? What am I doing blogging?? Gotta go!

Dye-to-order Odyssey update in non-standard colours selected by popular vote, December 8th. 




December 16, 2014

I just did a blog post suggesting some patterns for bulky weight cowls! How coincidental:


December 12, 2014

Thanks again for providing suggestions. I had been looking for ideas for the Odyssey I already got, but kept getting super-bulky. That’s not going to work. These are great and I ordered two more colors, because, you. know.

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