October 21, 2014

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The Verdant Gryphon is an independent textile & dyeworks company, developing fine yarns, creating extraordinary color palettes, and designing unique knitwear.

Autumn Leaves and Monster Mashes

The autumn leaves drift by my window,

The autumn leaves of red and gold...

Autumn is upon us in this northern hemisphere, the most joyful season of the knitter's calendar. No longer need we eye our knitting with a fear that it will be a hot heap in our laps or stick to our humid fingers. The time has come to cuddle yarn with gleeful abandon and to plan projects for cool, crisp evening walks, or to slip on for mornings over coffee on the porch.

At VG, we find ourselves looking even more longingly than usual at all the yarn we don't have time to knit (as someone on Ravelry said recently, "I want to knit ALL the projects") and imagining all the combinations and patterns in which we would work them. Not being able to do it all ourselves, we've assembled some of our favorite combos into kits and put them on the site.

Here, we're showing off the color combinations and designs we would knit if we had all the time in the world. We hope some of you will be inspired and let us live vicariously through your needles.

Combo 1

Crazy Stripes Tee + Monster Mash

So comfy and wearable. A relaxed t-shirt with a cool modern pattern and interesting construction, making this a fun knit. Make it in bright, modern colors and pair it with your favorite jeans.


Combo 2:

Sleeves + Ghostly Dusk

We love the idea of a shawl with sleeves for cool weather. Keep this one toned down in soft blues and greys to go with anything, business casual slacks or the evening little black dress.


Combo 3:

Cocktail (Jumper) + Indian Summer

Another great, slightly funky top that looks super comfortable. Bright early autumn colors seem like just the thing to highlight the youthfulness of this look.


Combo 4:

Monomania + I Put a Spell on You

An Ann Weaver classic, this cardigan could be worked in an infinite variety of color patterns. I vote for a light combination, one you'd want to pull out again the minute spring strolled back through the door.


Combo 5:

Eden Prairie + Harvest Moon

I just love this sort of deco stained glass design and it cries out to me to showcase rich, autumnal colors framed with a black border.



Combo 6:

Stay Awhile + London Fog

I think this is a super classy shawl that could be worn by anyone in elegant neutrals.


Combo 7:

Slain + Hobnobbin' With a Goblin

This dramatic shawl needs relatively high contrast colors to show off it's intriguing shaping. I would wear it with a long red or black dress for maximum effect.


Combo 8:

Otherside + Bittersweet Autumn

Another really cute t-shirt that could be worn in all sorts of weather. I'd alternate the green and mustard in the wide stripes and use the brick red for the narrow ones, and on the other side I'd reverse the two main colors, just for a little more fun.


Combo 9:

Color Affection + Superstition

This shawl has become a classic by now and someday I'm going to knit one. When I do, I want it to be in a subtle gradient with a variegated colorway for accent, like Superstition.


Combo 10:

Antler + Bewitching

I've saved my favorite for last. My vision of this sweater features black for the hem and cuffs, violet for the stockinette, and burgundy for the garter sections to render it bewitchingly subtle with a touch of the vampire.


Whew, that's a lot! Now you see why we need to enjoy all these projects vicariously through you? If we've lured you into temptation with any of these, please share pictures in the VG Ravelry group so we can all enjoy them!

flaming maple leaves and piles of gourds,

Gryphon & the Elves


1 Comment


November 20, 2014

The groupings of colors are beautiful, and it really helps to see the different colors side by side! This blog is really an inspiration!

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