The Verdant Gryphon is an independent textile & dyeworks company, developing fine yarns, creating extraordinary color palettes, and designing unique knitwear.

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Let us invite you into the magical world of luxury yarn made from the finest fibers from around the globe, which are hand-dyed on the quaint and beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. From development to the dye pots, our products are created with an eye toward perfection & supreme quality, because the wonderful garments our knitters and crocheters are making should start with the most exquisite yarn on the needles.

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Stitches Midwest, A Skein's-Eye View

August 01, 2014

Hi!! I'm a skein of yarn - nice to meet you! I was born a few weeks ago in the VG studio dye pots and man, am I gorgeous! So soft, so luscious, so... well... just totally awesome. You should see the ladies trip over themselves when they catch a glimpse of my radiant glow, my loft, my firm... twist. Ahem. I digress. Anyway, I just heard the most amazing news!! I have been selected by the lovely VG elves to accompany more than a thousand of my brothers and sisters on a great journey! But of course they picked me. I'm the hottest one. The others... well, I just hope they don't get too jealous, having to hang out... Continue Reading →

Variegated Yarn, Part 2 - What the Bleep Should I Make?

July 25, 2014

In the previous post, we showed you how to predict the behavior of your variegated yarn. Now let's look at how you can knit it for the best effect.If your yarn falls into the first of the three categories we looked at in part one, you don't really need to plan much. These sorts of colorways generally knit up into a beautiful fabric with a unique balance & blend of color, which the eye will perceive as a single color until you get closer.The exception is when you have skein with a dynamic and complex rainbow of shades-contrasts of different colors or of lights and dark in the skein. In such a case you might want to shy away from... Continue Reading →


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