The Verdant Gryphon is an independent textile & dyeworks company, developing fine yarns, creating extraordinary color palettes, and designing unique knitwear.

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Welcome to the Verdant Gryphon!

Let us invite you into the magical world of luxury yarn made from the finest fibers from around the globe, which are hand-dyed on the quaint and beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. From development to the dye pots, our products are created with an eye toward perfection & supreme quality, because the wonderful garments our knitters and crocheters are making should start with the most exquisite yarn on the needles.

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What the Bleep's Up with Crazy Variegated Yarn??

July 17, 2014

One of our last updates featured a highly variegated new colorway, Another Dye in the Pot, one which is likely to pool a bit. While we have a deep love for the subtle shifts of semi-solid colors, we can also get on board with the crazy, kaleidoscopic colors. Pairing these together creates an exciting palette and mix of shades you might not imagine combining. They're super fun to dye and are amazingly beautiful. You can expect to see an offering of rainbow madness in surprising color tones over the course of the summer. But, you may be asking yourself, what the bleep am I going to knit with that? And how can I tell what it's going to look like... Continue Reading →

VG Gets a Makeover

June 25, 2014

We’ve been through a lot of variations on our website since I first started dyeing yarn nearly eight years ago. There was the Etsy shop, then the site that looked like it used a template intended for selling electronics and was constantly crashing.  Finally, some four years ago, we got the site we’ve had until recently, which I loved very much when we first got it. It was the first time I’d had real design control over our site, which was super exciting, and I gleefully filled it up with Celtic knotwork and parchment paper and all manner of curlyques. But the world of technology is a fast moving, ever-changing beast, and the day came when we looked up to... Continue Reading →


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